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Contractility and pacemaker cells in the prostate gland

Results: We previously reported distinct electrical activity and cell types in the prostate, and speculated on their functional roles. We believe that a specialized group of c-kit immunoreactive prostatic interstitial cells that lie between glandular epithelium and smooth muscle stroma have a role similar to that of gastrointestinal interstitial cells of Cajal, generating the pacemaker signal that manifests as slow wave activity and triggers contraction in smooth muscle cells in guinea pig ...

Pacemaker Insertion

A pacemaker is a small electronic device that helps regulate slow electrical problems in the heart. The pacemaker is usually implanted in the chest, just below the collarbone. A pacemaker may be recommended to keep the heartbeat from slowing down to a dangerously low rate.

Generation and Regulation of Spontaneous Contractions in the ...

'Prostatic Interstitial Cells' (PICs) within the prostate appear to generate pacemaker potentials, which arise from the summation of number of spontaneous transient depolarisations triggered by the spontaneous release of Ca 2+ from internal stores and the opening of Ca 2+-activated Cl-channels. Pacemaker potentials then conduct into ...

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Pacemaker and prostate cancer treatments - Prostate cancer

Pacemaker and prostate cancer treatments. I am 77 years old. I had RP in 2001. Then PSA rose to 0.3 and had 39 rounds of salvation radiation in the fall of 2018. PSA has been <0.1, undetectable so far. Recently my cardiologist and electrophysiologist decided it’s their first choice to implant pacemaker.

'Bladder pacemaker' helps control urinary problems

Helps control bladder function. Content. The new treatment is like a pacemaker for the bladder, said Smith. It helps control bladder function by filtering signals that may be causing the problem. "With overactivity, the treatment blocks the signals telling the brain to go often," said Smith.

FAQs About Pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverter ...

Do cell phones interfere with pacemakers? Do ICDs need to be adjusted? Here are answers to these and other questions.

Pacemaker Club: Pacemaker and Prostate Cancer

by Walt; 2019-08-04 18:23:33; General Posting 627 views; 1 comments; I just received a pacemaker last week. I will be starting radiation treatment for prostate cancer in the next 10 days.

Anyone with pacemaker + IMRT?

A man in my support group has a pacemaker and was treated with SBRT for high risk PC, similar to Lupron Jim. The only thing that was different because of his pacemaker was that he could not have an MRI for planning, but had a CT instead. Patients in that protocol usually have both and the images are fused.