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Sex Reassignment Surgery in the Female-to-Male Transsexual

The goal of the SCM in a FTM transsexual patient is to create an aesthetically pleasing male chest, which includes removal of breast tissue and excess skin, reduction and proper positioning of the nipple and areola, obliteration of the inframammary fold, and minimization of chest-wall scars. 4, 5 Many different techniques have been described to achieve these goals and most authors agree that skin excess, not breast volume, is the factor that should determine the appropriate SCM technique. 2 ...

Prosthetics | Trans-Missie - Danae Trans-Missie

You can use breast forms for dressing up, like cosplay or cross dressing. These breast forms are often referred to as crossdresser boobs or crossdresser breast forms. And even if you had a breast removal surgery, silicone breast prosthesis can be a solution. Wearing a breast form will give you a lot of confidence and a feeling of freedom.

trans - EC Prosthetics

Works for Packing, STP and Play.The All in One Harness... Silicone Prosthetic Adh.. $24.99. Skin-tite is a new revolutionary 2-part silicone Bio-adhesive available here only that is just what you... 7" penis sleeve/extensi.. $188.98. MATURE- MUST BE 18 TO ORDER OR VIEW! OUT NOW! EC PROSTHETICS! 7" Penis extension/sleeve.

The Ultimate Guide to Penile Implants for Trans Men. - DR Z PHD

Works by gently squeezing the concealed pump several times to move the saline solution from the reservoir into the cylinders. As the cylinders fill, the penis becomes erect and firm. To transfer fluid back into the reservoir to end the erection, one has to gently bend the penis down for 6 to 12 seconds. PROS.

Male Breast Enlargement | Male to Female Transition| Transfemme

Our Full Feminization Program result in breast enlargement, protruding of the nipples, areola widens, rounding and shaping of the body, less facial and body hair, hair grows faster, longer nails, softer skin, genitals shrinkage [penis and testicles], less sperm flow, sperm texture thinner and clearer in color, lowers libido and change of mindset to a more feminine feeling.

Prosthetic Vagina for Trans Women | Worth Considering? — DR Z PHD

What initially struck me about V-1000, is the aesthetic realness which is seldom seen in many other vaginal prosthetics. Additionally, it enables urination while wearing the prosthetic vagina. The prosthetic attaches at the top and down the sides of the private area, while the shaft is inserted inside the back sleeve.

Transgender Tucking and Tapaing - Cache-Sex

Secure the scrotal skin in this position with a piece of tape wrapped several times around the penis and scrotum. Take two fresh longer pieces of tape and pull the penis under the legs and secure to each cheek of your bottom - this will ensure the penis remains centralised! Image Transgender Zone.

DressTech | Crossdresser, Drag, and Transgender Shop

4.91 out of 5. $ 39.99 $ 34.99. Select options. The DressTech crossdresser store has a wide selection of crossdresser clothing, including crossdresser dresses, bodysuits, tucking gaffs, pocketed bras, corsets, stockings and crossdresser lingerie. Everything in the DressTech crossdresser shop is meticulously hand-selected to feminize the male ...

Crossdresser and Transvestite Store | Glamour Boutique

The affordable store serving the crossdresser and male to female transgender community. With a large store including silicone breast forms, padded panties, wigs for transgender girls, gaffs, breast form adhesives, makeup, sissy wear, large ladies shoes and our own brand clothing for crossdressers, we have everything you need at an affordable price.

Transgender Products | Sinthetics

Transgender Products. Somewhat unexpectedly, Sinthetics penis products have been discovered by the FtM TG community because of our superb realism in look and feel. We are very grateful for the opportunity to serve this sector of society and provide you with realistic apparatus to aid in the stages of transition.