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dark-and-kinky-hetalia-scenarios. Follow. 1p Germany/Ludwig Beilschimdt. Ludwig is a very good dom, he is very much familiar with the bdsm world, even though he hides the fact that he’s super kinky. He likes to wear leather outfits as a dom, and especially leather boots. He likes to whip or spank you when you misbehave or when you’re a ...

Bottom Russia (Hetalia) - Works | Archive of Our Own

Bottom Russia (Hetalia) Bottom America (Hetalia) Top France (Hetalia) Top Germany (Hetalia) Enthusiastic Consent. Explicit Consent. Summary. Using the cardverse AU, this fic is about the four kings and a relatively new tradition where, in order to maintain positive relations, the kings gather together for a lovely orgy every so often.

Alpha America (Hetalia) - Works | Archive of Our Own

Arthur Kirkland sneaks into the most infamous club in town, Avirati, and gets more than he bargained for in the form of Alfred F. Jones's return. Long repressed feelings are reignited, and with it the old passions are inflamed tenfold. Series. Part 1 of Wanting The Heat Of Your Gloved Hand.