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Harry Potter's Personal Toy Tester Chapter 1 ... - fanfiction.net

A sex store is where they sell sex toys, pornography, and other sex related items." She was in a full blush now and he could see that she wasn't repulsed but curious. "There are places in the wizarding world that sells lingerie and women have their wands to get the job done.

Harry Potter and The Lust Genie Chapter 27 ... - fanfiction.net

Astoria was just staring at Harry with a new wonder after snooping in her sister's room and finding her giant sex toy. Her sister had caught her and told her it was an exact replica of Harry and now she had a new interest in the-boy-who-lived. She was a virgin but the warm feeling of wrapping her hands around his cock was amazing.

Harry Potter and the Magic Sex Toy - Chapter 1 - Breadero ...

Summary: Some troublemakers target Hermione with a magic sex toy that makes it so the target feel everything that happens to the sex toy, it backfires leaving Harry the one being affected while the toy gets lost in circulation around the school.

Simply Powerful Harry | FanFiction

After Sirius's death, Harry devotes himself to learning magic in a desperate attempt to protect the people he loves. Warnings: Profanity, Extreme Violence, References to Non-Con -Not of Main Character-, Dark/Questionable Harry. When his family is killed by someone he once called a friend, Harry is devastated.

Population control Chapter 2 Ginny's glory, a harry potter ...

However, self righteous party pooper Harry Potter ruined her fun by killing the basilisk an stabbing her little black book. Since Harry had ruined her fun and took her toys away and broke them she notified him that he would be replacing them, personally. This began the corruption and tutelage of Harry Potter under dark mistress Ginny, temporarily.

Fanfic: Dirty Detention Ch 1, Harry Potter | FanFiction

As much as he wanted to be pleasured, Harry needed more. As much as he liked to be coddled and taken care of, in a matter of speaking, Harry needed to be the hero, he needed to take care of someone else, to serve them, he needed them to need him, to scream his name in ecstasy, he wanted to be someone's drug the way sex had turned into his drug.

In You Chapter 9: Rape?, a young adult fiction | FictionPress

There was the sound of a key in a lock and Stacey leapt away from her uncle, pulling her panties back up as he redid his fly. Just as the door opened, she handed him the bottle of water that had fallen. "Hey Mum, hey Dad," greeted Stacey. "I'm just going to go change, I spilt water on my skirt." She shot her uncle a quick look that clearly left ...

Sex Slave Harry Potter | Archive of Our Own

Harry helping Neville during their flying lesson has far more severe consequences, and as time goes on, he eventually has a buddy to enjoy the consequences with, although, she was the last person he expected. [Minerva McGonagall x Harry x Hermione] [WARNING THIS CONTAINS THINGS LIKE; SEXUAL SLAVERY, MINDBREAK, UNDERAGED SEX] [This has now been ...

35 Harry Potter Erotica Fanfics to Fulfill Every Fantasy ...

Non-canon Harry Potter erotica: m/m. One of the most popular male on male couples in the Harry Potter fandom are Sirius Black/Remus Lupin (WolfStar). In The Wolfsbane Effect by Kerichi, Remus is torn between his two loves, Tonks and Sirius. So this erotic fanfic has a little bit to offer to both the canon fans and the WolfStar believers.